praise knowledge

The Universal Gate restoring our true nature

The gate is a conscious entity who works towards the achievement of the second phase, providing the receiver with content that arouses individual and collective elevation, under parameters such as effort, unity, identity subversiveness of being, the relationship between the three fundamental aspects of the human nature as first promoter to the resolution of the human paradigm (mind, soul and body)..

restore.nature is an organic ecosystem that seeks to rehabilitate, nourish and reconnect with our true and primary source of power as human beings. Nature in its broadest sense is equivalent to the natural world, material world or material universe, it refers to the phenomena of the physical and life experiences, as human beings, we belong to those experiences. Our true nature relies on protecting life in all its slopes, thus we live in a living ecosystem that provides us with every resource we need. We acknowledge what we really are, we are all. 

Clothes transcend into a higher message, they have soul, they radiate purpose.

This is what you are wearing.